About Keibunsha

Keibunsha started as company providing articles for educational magazines and books in 1984. Following the increasing demands for information on study abroad opportunities among Japanese students and teachers, we started publishing free study abroad guidebooks in late 1990s. Since then, we have been publishing and distributing millions of copies of guidebooks to Japanese schools, colleges and universities in close collaboration with foreign embassies and official organizations of Australia, Canada, the USA and New Zealand.

In addition to publishing study abroad guidebooks, we coordinate education exhibitions and workshops organized by the embassies and official organizations we work with. Our clients include the Canadian Embassy, American Embassy, Australian Embassy, British Council, Education New Zealand.

Using our resources and expertise in the area of international education, we also provide marketing support for a number of education institutions and companies outside Japan. Our services include translation (English/Japanese) of websites/brochures, production/maintenance of websites and design/production of printed materials.

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